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Nogd, Suhail (author)
With the proliferation of multicore platforms, the embedded systems world has shifted more and more towards multiprocessing to make use of high computing power and increased cyber functionalities. Although today multiprocessor platforms have been extensively adopted by real-time embedded systems, there exists a need for tools and techniques that...
master thesis 2020
de Vos, M.A. (author), Pouwelse, J.A. (author)
Preventing the abuse of resources is a crucial requirement in shared-resource systems. This concern can be addressed through a centralized gatekeeper, yet it enables manipulation by the gatekeeper itself. We present ConTrib, a decentralized mechanism for tracking resource usage across different shared-resource systems. In ConTrib,...
conference paper 2020
Ibrohimovna, K.M. (author), Heemstra de Groot, S. (author)
A Personal Network (PN) is a network composed of devices of a person that can communicate with each other independently from their geographical location. Extra functionality in PNs enables the cooperation amongst different persons forming a group-oriented network called a Federation of Personal Networks (Fednet). A Fednet is a secure,...
journal article 2009