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Znabei, Tigist (author)
This master thesis is on post-tensioning cross-laminated timber stability cores for multiple story buildings. When designing a CLT core, significantly larger core sections will be needed than when designing a stabilizing core in concrete. This is for one part due to the limited stiffness of the CLT compared to concrete. For another part it is...
master thesis 2020
Saleh, M. (author), Saeedifar, M. (author), Zarouchas, D. (author), Teixeira De Freitas, S. (author)
Mechanics of double-lap Steel-to-CFRP adhesively-bonded joints loaded in tension are investigated experimentally using Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and Acoustic Emission (AE), analytically using a one-dimensional closed-form solution and numerically with Finite Element analysis. The double-lap bi-material joints are fabricated of a steel core...
journal article 2020
Floor, J.H.J. (author)
Today, there are only a few types of structural engineering applications where structural adhesives play a role, in contrast to other engineering sectors. The possibilities and difficulties of structural adhesive bonding in structural engineering, especially for steel-to-steel connections, are investigated. Practically all structural adhesives...
master thesis 2014