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Wang, J. (author), Ding, M. (author), Yarovoy, Alexander (author)
A novel matrix-pencil (MP)-based interference mitigation approach for frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) radars is proposed in this article. The interference-contaminated segment of the beat signal is first cut out, and then, the signal samples in the cutout region are reconstructed by modeling the beat signal as a sum of complex...
journal article 2021
Wang, J. (author)
The expansion of microwave imaging applications in various fields proposes increasingly higher requirements (including spatial resolution, dynamic range, and signal-to-noise ratio) for microwave imaging systems. To achieve high-quality imaging, microwave imaging systems generally exploit spatial-, frequency- and polarization-diversities to probe...
doctoral thesis 2018
Wang, J. (author), Aubry, P.J. (author), Yarovoy, Alexander (author)
In this paper, a wavenumber-domain matrix-pencil-based multiband signal fusion approach was proposed for multiband microwave imaging. The approach proposed is based on the Born approximation of the field scattered from a target resulting in the fact that in a given scattering direction, the scattered field can be represented over the whole...
journal article 2018