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Wu, Y. (author), Wang, Y.M. (author), Song, G.M. (author), Li, X.W. (author)
Oxidation behavior of a Re-based diffusion barrier/Ni–Al coated single-crystal (SC) Ni-based TMS-82+ superalloy was studied to compare with those of the base and Ni–Al coated superalloys under cyclic air at 1150 °C for 200 h. The base superalloy showed a negative mass gain due to extensive oxide spallation, and the Ni–Al coated superalloy...
journal article 2011
Wu, Y. (author), Li, X.W. (author), Song, G.M. (author), Wang, Y.M. (author), Narita, T. (author)
Oxidation behavior of the uncoated base, Ni–Al coated and Re–Cr-Ni plus Ni–Al coated single-crystal (SC) Ni-based TMS-82+ superalloy is studied under cyclic air at 900ºC for 200 h to assess the oxidation resistance. Regardless of the coating processing, Ni–Al coating is effective in improving the oxidation resistance due to the formation of a...
journal article 2010