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Hagenaars, Erik (author), Pandharipande, Ashish (author), Murthy, Abhishek (author), Leus, G.J.T. (author)
People-counting data can be used in building-control systems to improve comfort and in space management applications to optimize building space. In this work, we consider a combi-sensor with a single-pixel thermopile and passive infrared sensor for people counting. We first develop a thermopile signal model for object temperature measurements...
journal article 2021
Hagenaars, Erik (author)
People counting data in offices is used in many applications like HVAC system control and space management to increase comfort, decrease energy consumption and optimise space utilisation. In contrast to past approaches using imaging modalities that tend to be either expensive or intrusive, we consider single-pixel thermopile sensors for people...
master thesis 2020