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Lens, Daniƫlle (author)
Forced migration has been a significant struggle in the Netherlands, politically, socially, spatially and culturally. The costs of this struggle are paid by asylum seekers and status holders, living in uncertainty and isolation. This thesis discusses the position of Syrian status holders in the Netherlands, refugees who have obtained a residency...
master thesis 2023
Nguyen, T (author)
This MSc thesis is a contribution to the African Water Corridor (AWC) project that gains insight into the future of water supply systems in the Sub-Saharan African small towns. The future water demand in these areas constitute a great challenge in the effort to provide safe water for everyone. Unfortunately, there are high uncertainties in the...
master thesis 2021
Daniel, D. (author), Gaicugi, Josphine (author), King, Richard (author), Marks, Sara J. (author), Ferrero, Giuliana (author)
Risk assessment for drinking water systems combines sanitary inspections (SI) and water quality testing and is critical for effectively managing the safety of these systems. SI forms consist of question sets relating to the presence of potential sources and pathways of contamination specific to different types of water points, piped...
journal article 2020