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Palmeros Parada, M.D.M. (author), Kehrein, P.A. (author), Xevgenos, Dimitris (author), Asveld, L. (author), Osseweijer, P. (author)
The recovery of resources, including water reuse, has been presented as a solution to overcome scarcity, and improve the economic and environmental performance of water provision and treatment. However, its implementation faces non-technical challenges, including the need to collaborate with new stakeholders and face societal acceptance...
review 2022
van der Voordt, Theo (author)
Architectural design may be defined as a synthesis of form, function, and technology, in a particular context, taking into account legal and financial preconditions. This book shows the need to also incorporate societal values. In the area of Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM) and Facilities Management (FM), a growing awareness comes to the...
book chapter 2022
Murawska, Kinga (author), Lieftink, Lisa (author), Wei, Baokun (author), van Eijk, Anke (author), Ebbers, Maud (author)
In the Netherlands landscape and (agri)culture have always influenced each other and there is an inherent relationship between them. Through innovations over time, the province of South-Holland developed profitable productive food-landscapes which provided an important contribution to the Dutch food production and export, making the Netherlands...
student report 2020