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Romano, D. (author), Raemaekers, S. (author), Pinzger, M. (author)
Recent studies have shown that the violation of the Interface Segregation Principle (ISP) is critical for maintaining and evolving software systems. Fat interfaces (i.e., interfaces violating the ISP) change more frequently and degrade the quality of the components coupled to them. According to the ISP the interfaces’ design should force no...
report 2014
Romano, D. (author), Pinzger, M. (author)
Version: Accepted for publication in the Proceedings of the International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM), 2013, IEEE Computer Society. Doi: Q&A sites have become popular to share and look for valuable knowledge. Users can easily and quickly access high quality answers to common questions. The...
report 2013
Romano, D. (author), Raila, P. (author), Pinzger, M. (author), Khomh, F. (author)
Preprint of paper published in: WCRE 2012 - Proceedings of the 19th Working Conference on Reverse Engineering, 15-18 October 2012; doi:10.1109/WCRE.2012.53 Antipatterns are poor solutions to design and implementation problems which are claimed to make object oriented systems hard to maintain. Our recent studies showed that classes with...
report 2012