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Dintzner, N.J.R. (author), van Deursen, A. (author), Pinzger, M. (author)
Evolving a large scale, highly variable system is a challenging task. For such a system, evolution operations often require to update consistently both their implementation and its feature model. In this context, the evolution of the feature model closely follows the evolution of the system. The purpose of this work is to show that fine...
journal article 2017
Dintzner, N.J.R. (author), Kulesza, U. (author), Van Deursen, A. (author), Pinzger, M. (author)
Evolving large-scale, complex and highly variable systems is known to be a difficult task, where a single change can ripple through various parts of the system with potentially undesirable effects. In the case of product lines, and moreover multi-product lines, a change may affect only certain variants or certain combinations of features, making...
report 2014