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van Dorth tot Medler, Jan (author)
Background: For rigorous software testing, integration and end-to-end tests are essential to ensure the expected behavior of multiple interacting components of the system. When software is subjected to integration or end-to-end tests, it is often unfeasible to test every code change individually, as the runtime of these tests is usually...
master thesis 2023
Ang, Aaron (author)
The quality of test suites is commonly measured using adequacy metrics that focus on error detection, like test coverage. However, the diagnostic performance of spectrum-based fault localization techniques, that can potentially reduce the time spent on debugging, rely on diagnosability of test suites --- the property of faults to be easily and...
master thesis 2018
Ang, Aaron (author), Perez, Alexandre (author), van Deursen, A. (author), Abreu, Rui (author)
In the last two decades, a great amount of effort has been put in researching automated debugging techniques to support developers in the debugging process. However, in a widely cited user study published in 2011, Parnin and Orso found that research in automated debugging techniques made assumptions that do not hold in practice, and suggested...
conference paper 2017