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Kraaijeveld, J.M. (author)
Software is a centerpiece in today’s society. Because of that, much effort is spent measuring various aspects of software. This is done using software metrics. Code churn is one of these metrics. Code churn is a metric measuring change volume between two versions of a system, defined as sum of added, modified and deleted lines. We use code churn...
master thesis 2013
Bouwers, E.M. (author)
Software systems make up an important part of our daily lives. Just like all man- made objects, the possibilities of a software system are constrained by the choices made during its creation. The complete set of these choices can be referred to as the software architecture of a system. Since the software architecture of a system has a large...
doctoral thesis 2013
Meeuws, R.J. (author)
Heterogeneous System Development needs Hardware/Software Partitioning performed early on in the development process. In order to do this early on predictions of hardware resource usage and delay are necessary. In this thesis a Quantitative Model is presented that can make early predictions to support the partitioning process. The model is based...
master thesis 2007