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Chumyen, P. (author), Connolly, D. P. (author), Woodward, P. K. (author), Markine, V.L. (author)
Railway track transitions are zones where there is an abrupt change in the track-ground structure. They are often the location of rapid track deterioration, which means more frequent track maintenance is needed compared to plain line tracks. With the aim of reducing maintenance, modern transition zone designs use tapered stiffness earthwork...
journal article 2023
Van Eekelen, S.J.M. (author), Bezuijen, A. (author), Van Tol, A.F. (author)
Most analytical models for the design of piled embankments or load transfer platforms with geosynthetic reinforcement (GR) include two calculation steps. Step 1 calculates the arching behaviour in the fill and step 2 the load-deflection behaviour of the GR. A calculation method for step 2 based on the results of model tests has been published by...
journal article 2013
Blanc, M. (author), Rault, G. (author), Thorel, L. (author), Almeida, M.S.S. (author), Almeida, M.C.F. (author)
Reinforcing compressible soils by rigid inclusions is a method to reduce and homogenize settlements under many types of structures. A granular mattress, located between the structure and the group of piles, transfers part of the loads on the surface to the head of the piles anchored in rigid substrate. An experimental device, a mobile tray, has...
conference paper 2012