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Cheneka, B.R. (author), Watson, S.J. (author), Basu, S. (author)
Large-scale weather systems have the potential to modulate offshore wind energy production. The Northern European sea areas have recently seen a rapid increase in wind power capacity and thus there is a need to understand how different weather systems affect offshore production from the perspective of energy system integration. In this study,...
journal article 2020
Saxena, Rochal (author)
The environmental policy of KPN has an objective of reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption to contribute in making the planet more sustainable. This thesis project researches the potential for reducing energy consumption and, consequently, the operational costs of the KPN LTE network. There are various resources in a mobile network which...
master thesis 2018
Prakash, Abhay (author)
The Greenland Ice Sheet has a total volume of 2900000 km3. In recent decades, the ice-sheet has been losing mass rapidly and has nearly doubled its contribution to sea-level rise. One main contributing factor has been the recent widespread acceleration of the tidewater glaciers that terminate in deep and narrow glacial fjords. However, our...
master thesis 2017