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Banis, Alexandros (author), Gomez, Andrea (author), Bliznuk, Vitaliy (author), Dutta, Aniruddha (author), Sabirov, Ilchat (author), Petrov, R.H. (author)
This study focuses on the microstructure's evolution upon different aging conditions of a high-strength low-density steel with a composition of Fe–28Mn–9Al–1C. The steel is hot rolled, subsequently quenched without any solution treatment, and then aged under different conditions. The microstructure of the samples was studied by means of...
journal article 2023
Rao, Ziyuan (author), Dutta, B. (author), Körmann, F.H.W. (author), Lu, Wenjun (author), Zhou, Xuyang (author), Liu, Chang (author), da Silva, Alisson Kwiatkowski (author), Wiedwald, Ulf (author), Spasova, Marina (author), Farle, Michael (author), Ponge, Dirk (author), Gault, Baptiste (author), Neugebauer, Jörg (author), Raabe, Dierk (author), Li, Zhiming (author)
Since its first emergence in 2004, the high-entropy alloy (HEA) concept has aimed at stabilizing single- or dual-phase multi-element solid solutions through high mixing entropy. Here, this strategy is changed and renders such massive solid solutions metastable, to trigger spinodal decomposition for improving the alloys’ magnetic properties....
journal article 2021
Vermolen, F.J. (author), Segal, A. (author), Gefen, A. (author)
We consider the accumulation and formation of lipid droplets in an adipocyte cell. The process incorporates adipose nucleation (adipogenesis) and growth. At later stages, there will be merging of droplets and growth of larger droplets at the expense of the smaller droplets, which will essentially undergo lipolysis. The process is modeled by the...
journal article 2011