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Bregman, Martijn (author)
This thesis presents a new methodology for representing the effect of spiral flow on the bed shear stress magnitude and direction, using a low-vertical-resolution three-dimensional model. Furthermore, it discusses the performance of the new methodology in comparison with conventional high-vertical-resolution three-dimensional and depth-averaged...
master thesis 2018
Troost, S.T. (author)
In 2000 the Dutch government chose a new point of view for the Dutch rivers: “Room for the River”. This viewpoint is the basis for a new approach of high water protection in the Netherlands. Instead of strengthening and raising the dikes, solutions must be based on space and spatial quality. One of the suggested measures is the addition of...
master thesis 2010
Wiersma, F.E. (author)
Recently submerged vanes have come to the attention of Rijkswaterstaat as an option to ensure a sufficient navigable width and depth for some bends in the main Dutch rivers. The submerged vanes can counteract the spiral flow, thus reducing the typical lateral bed slope in river bends. Model calculations by Delft Hydraulics and Haskoning...
master thesis 1997