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de Jong, Yoni (author)
Introduction. To prevent burns from scar formation and contraction, the use of splinting therapy in the early phase of wound healing is considered as an effective non-surgical method. Splinting entails the application of a mechanical load in the opposite direction of the contractile force within the wound, based on the assumption that wound- or...
master thesis 2019
Dijkstra, Timo Johannes (author)
The versatility of the hands is revealed in its movements, but often not noticed before trauma occurs. Joint range of motion is used as a measure to follow the progress of diseases. A digital workflow for 3D data in medical appliances is envisioned for years.<br/>The aim of this research is to develop a method that reliably and reproducability...
master thesis 2018
Van Schie, P.C.M. (author)
On a daily basis, patients and medical staff are confronted with splints, used to decrease the movement of limbs with catheters during intravenous therapy. These devices are currently inefficient to work with, uncomfortable for the patient and do not protect the catheter well enough. Besides this, the device does not contribute to a positive...
master thesis 2010