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van der Zalm, Joost (author)
The goal of the research described in this thesis was to investigate the basis of dissipation dilution as well as make it comprehensible. In the written literature we could find that the kinetic energy of an oscillating beam is stored into two types of potential energy~\cite{Kippenberg, Kotthaus}. A dissipative bending component and a...
bachelor thesis 2019
de Laat, M.L.C. (author), Perez Garza, H.H. (author), Herder, J.L. (author), Ghatkesar, M.K. (author)
In situ stiffness adjustment in microelectromechanical systems is used in a variety of applications such as radio-frequency mechanical filters, energy harvesters, atomic force microscopy, vibration detection sensors. In this review we provide designers with an overview of existing stiffness adjustment methods, their working principle, and...
journal article 2016