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Kempen, Sander (author)
This paper presents a manufacturing method for a zero-stiffness compliant mechanism to be used as a flexible head support. The manufactured design consists of two curved, thin-walled U-beams made of high strength steel. The beams are prestressed in opposite directions to obtain zero torsional stiffness so that rotation of the head is allowed....
master thesis 2021
Struzziero, G. (author), Teuwen, Julie J.E. (author)
The present paper investigates the generation of cure induced residual stresses during the cure stage of the Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding (VARTM) process for the fabrication of ultra-thick components (i.e. 105 mm) for wind turbine blades manufacturing (i.e. root insert). The viscous-elastic material characterisation of the Airstone...
conference paper 2019
Zad Poor, A.A. (author)
Tailor-Made Blanks (TMBs) are hybrid assemblies made of sheet metals with different materials and/or thicknesses that are joined together prior to forming. Alternatively, a monolithic sheet can be machined to create required thickness variations (machined TMBs). The possibility of having several thicknesses and/or materials in one single...
doctoral thesis 2010