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Gu, Wei (author), Yu, Jie (author), Ji, Yuxiong (author), van der Gun, J.P.T. (author), Pel, A.J. (author), Zhang, H. Michael (author), van Arem, B. (author)
Metro disruptions due to unexpected events reduce transit system reliability, resulting in significant productivity loss and long passenger delays. Bus bridging strategy is often used to connect stations affected by metro disruptions such that passengers could continue their journey. The literature usually designed bridging routes and then...
conference paper 2017
Van der Zanden, A.H.W. (author)
Higher education is directly and indirectly subjected to pressures of diminishing subsidies, increasing student populations, heterogeneity, shorter knowledge and product lifecycles, labour demands, proliferation of technology, and new educational approaches and practices. Higher education must change to cope with these pressures. This study is...
doctoral thesis 2009
Klievink, B. (author), Janssen, M. (author)
Joining up remains a high priority on the e-government agenda and requires extensive transformation. Stage models are predictable patterns which exist in the growth of organizations and unfold as discrete time periods that result in discontinuity and can help e-government development towards joined-up government. Although stage models may be...
journal article 2009