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Agarwal, G. (author), Amirthalingam, M. (author), Moon, S. C. (author), Dippenaar, R. J. (author), Richardson, I.M. (author), Hermans, M.J.M. (author)
Sufficient liquid feeding under constrained solidification conditions like, those experienced in welding and casting, is vital to avoid solidification cracking. We present the results of unique in-situ experimental observations of liquid feeding in a solidifying steel melt pool. Liquid feeding was observed in the inter-cellular regions during...
journal article 2018
Eftekharimilani, P. (author), van der Aa, EM (author), Hermans, M.J.M. (author), Richardson, I.M. (author)
This paper presents the effects of double pulse resistance spot welding (RSW) on the microstructural evolution, elemental distribution and mechanical properties of a 3rd generation 1 GPa advanced high strength steel (AHSS). In order to investigate the effect of double pulsing, the steel was exposed to single and various double pulse RSW...
journal article 2017
Amirthalingam, M. (author), Van der Aa, E.M. (author), Kwakernaak, C. (author), Hermans, M.J.M. (author), Richardson, I.M. (author)
The partitioning behaviour of carbon, phosphorous and boron during the solidification of a resistance spot weld pool was studied using experimental simulations and a phase field model. Steels with varying carbon, phosphorous and boron contents were designed and subjected to a range of resistant spot welding thermal cycles. Mechanical properties...
journal article 2015