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Diao, Yan (author), Chen, Long (author), Huang, Y. (author)
Waste glass (WG), as a nonbiodegradable material, poses a threat to environmental protection. The reuse of WG as a raw material to replace cement or aggregate in concrete production is gaining attention for recycling purposes. However, the optimal proportion of WG in concrete mixtures and its particle size distribution are hard to determine....
journal article 2023
Liu, Faqi (author), Yang, Hua (author), Yan, R. (author), Wang, Wei (author)
The behaviour of square steel tube confined reinforced concrete columns after fire exposure was studied experimentally and numerically in this paper. Eighteen stub columns were first heated following the ISO 834 standard fire including both heating and cooling phases, and were subsequently loaded to failure after cooling to ambient temperature....
journal article 2019
Kostis, N. (author)
Bending behaviour of steel tubes has been examined in many research projects through the years, especially for empty ones. Also the infill and pressure effect in the tubes has been elaborately investigated but not much has been done on the effect that the sand infill has on the bending of the tubes. Combi-wall tubes are filled with sand during...
student report 2016