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Alizadehsaravi, L. (author), Moore, J.K. (author)
With aging, the sensory, motor, and central nervous system deficiencies lead to inadequate bicycle postural control in older cyclists. Similarly, variety in riding skills leads to different bicycle postural control strategies. Cycling seems to be an automated task but keeping the bicycle stable at low speed, pedaling, and steering requires...
conference paper 2022
Kuipers, Sterre (author)
Part of the goal of Europe’s Strategy Vision Zero is to eliminate all severe cycling accidents in Europe by 2030. The majority of cycling accidents are single vehicle accidents; this term indicates the absence of collisions with other road participants and implies a fall of the cyclist. Research has shown that mainly elderly cyclists are victim...
master thesis 2020
Katzourakis, D. (author)
The goal of this thesis is to propose steering support systems that can reduce the driver’s control effort, mental load and promote safety. The driver dictates the vehicle’s motion and the support should centralize him/her in the control loop; thus our design philosophy is to increase driver’s responsibility and support him/her in the sense of...
doctoral thesis 2012