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Natella, M. (author)
The process of designing an aircraft is generally divided in three phases, namely the conceptual, preliminary and detailed. The whole process is one that involves various disciplines and is subject to multiple constraints. Traditionally the different aspects of the design process are tackled separately by different departments within a company....
doctoral thesis 2020
Dillinger, J.K.S. (author), Abdalla, M.M. (author), Meddaikar, M.Y. (author), Klimmek, Thomas (author)
This paper presents an aero load correction strategy applicable to the static aeroelastic optimization of composite wings. The optimization framework consists of a successive convex subproblem iteration procedure, in which a gradient-based optimizer consecutively solves a local approximation problem. Responses are approximated as a linear and...
journal article 2019
Dillinger, J.K.S. (author)
The application of composite material in load carrying structural components of an aircraft is rapidly gaining momentum. While part of the reason for this can certainly be attributed to an increasing confidence of designers in the new material as a result of growing experience, two other crucial points can be made. One, the continuous...
doctoral thesis 2014