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Minden, Steven (author), Aniolek, Maria (author), Noorman, H.J. (author), Takors, Ralf (author)
Commercial-scale bioreactors create an unnatural environment for microbes from an evolutionary point of view. Mixing insufficiencies expose individual cells to fluctuating nutrient concentrations on a second-to-minute scale while transcriptional and translational capacities limit the microbial adaptation time from minutes to hours. This...
journal article 2023
Minden, Steven (author), Aniolek, Maria (author), Sarkizi Shams Hajian, Christopher (author), Teleki, Attila (author), Zerrer, Tobias (author), Delvigne, Frank (author), van Gulik, W.M. (author), Deshmukh, Amit (author), Noorman, H.J. (author), Takors, Ralf (author)
Carbon limitation is a common feeding strategy in bioprocesses to enable an efficient microbiological conversion of a substrate to a product. However, industrial settings inherently promote mixing insufficiencies, creating zones of famine conditions. Cells frequently traveling through such regions repeatedly experience substrate shortages and...
journal article 2022
Taymaz Nikerel, H. (author)
Kinetic models, which predict the behaviour of metabolic reaction networks under different conditions, are indispensible to fully and quantitatively understand the relation between a product pathway and connected central metabolism. In this thesis the focus was to develop tools for future in vivo kinetic modeling in Escherichia coli. The...
doctoral thesis 2010