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Tasan, C.C. (author), Hoefnagels, J.P.M. (author), Dekkers, E.C.A. (author), Geers, M.G.D. (author)
While the industrial interest in sheet metal with improved specific-properties led to the design of new alloys with complex microstructures, predicting their safe forming limits and understanding their microstructural deformation mechanisms remain as significant challenges largely due to the inadequacy of the existing experimental tools. The...
journal article 2012
Chi, N.T. (author)
When a pile is driven into soil, the soil is pushed away which results in significant changes in both stress state and strain state. Using Finite Element Code to simulate the pile installation process has been not yet completely successful partly due to the limited knowledge of the governing behavior of the soil around a displacement pile. An...
master thesis 2008