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Tarren, Bailey (author)
Everyone has heard it, “sit up straight!” Probably from a mother figure or teacher. Why is bad posture so bad, and what problems does it create?

Bad posture is a prolific problem across the globe. Poor posture is highly linked to interaction with technology. In today’s society, that means nearly everyone is likely to suffer from poor...
master thesis 2018
Bagani, Rishab (author)
master thesis 2017
Böker, N.T. (author)
Cardiotoxicity is a common side-effect of drugs and a major cause of late-stage drug rejections, costing the pharmaceutical companies massive amounts of money. A drug is cardiotoxic when it has a negative influence on the heart. Often, it changes the electrophysiological characteristics of the heart, resulting in arrhythmia. This can have...
master thesis 2009