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Wong, L.Y.J. (author), Bayoumy, S. (author), Freeke, A. (author), Cabo, A.J. (author)
One of the concerns in service mathematics courses, such as calculus for engineering, is students’ interest in these studies. Research suggests that engineering undergraduates’ lack of awareness about the importance of mathematics for their study success and for their careers contributes to their low motivation for mathematics. An approach to...
conference paper 2022
de Haan, Alienor (author)
This thesis explores the application of a new participation grading method to online discussions. The goal of this project was to deliver FeedbackFruits a design of a concept that integrates a unique form of participation grading. This concept was paired with an implementation strategy to effectively encourage teachers to apply this novel...
master thesis 2017
Cervone, A. (author), Melkert, J.A. (author), Mebus, L.F.M. (author), Saunders-Smits, Gillian (author)
Blended education, or “flipping the classroom” is rapidly becoming a mainstream form of teaching within universities. Within Engineering Education, it is popular as it allows more time in-class to focus on hands on activities such as demonstrations and solving complex problems. This paper discusses the effort conducted to restructure, according...
journal article 2016