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Ligthart, Liam (author)
More insight has been gathered on the performance of the SPLITTER (Stationary spectrum Plus Low-rank Iterative TransmiTtance EstimatoR) algorithm as developed by Brackenhoff for denoising data gathered from observations of high-redshift galaxies. By using matrix decomposition to split the gathered data into a low-rank atmosphere matrix and a...
bachelor thesis 2022
Ikarashi, S. (author), Ivison, R. J. (author), Cowley, W. I. (author), Kohno, K. (author)
We have obtained deep 1 and 3 mm spectral-line scans towards a candidate z ≳ 5 ALMA-identified AzTEC submillimetre galaxy (SMG) in the Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Field (or UKIDSS UDS), ASXDF1100.053.1, using the NOrthern Extended Millimeter Array (NOEMA), aiming to obtain its spectroscopic redshift. ASXDF1100.053.1 is an unlensed optically dark...
journal article 2022