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Shastry Ravishankar, D. (author)
The Super Regenerative Receiver was invented by Armstrong in 1922 [1]. It is used in various applications such as sensor networks, short distance telemetry, home automation, biomedicine, remotely controlled systems, etc., because of its simplicity and low power design. In the classical super regenerative receiver, the RF oscillations obtained at...
master thesis 2012
Kalyanasundaram, P. (author), Huang, L. (author), Dolmans, G. (author), Imamura, K. (author)
Super-regenerative receiver is one of the potential candidates to achieve ultra low power wireless communication in body area network (BAN). The main limitations of the super-regenerative receiver include the difficulty in choosing a good quench waveform to optimize its sensitivity and selectivity, and its significantly degraded performance in...
conference paper 2012
Hou, R. (author)
UWB-FM is a low-complexity ultra-wideband (UWB) communication system designed for short-range, low- and medium-data-rate wireless applications such as the personal area network (PAN). These applications often require simple, integrated receivers with low power consumption. Most of previous work utilized delay-line demodulators for UWB-FM...
master thesis 2008