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Wisse, M.E.N. (author)
The major technical challenge the development of next-generation launchers is facing today, is to achieve complete reusability in two stages to orbit or ultimately in one single stage. These Two-Stage-To-Orbit (TSTO) or Single-Stage-To-Orbit (SSTO) Reusable Launch Vehicles (RLV) may reduce payload cost by a factor of ten or more. The challenge,...
doctoral thesis 2005
Motallebi, F. (author)
This book presents a method for the prediction of mean flow data (i.e. skin friction, velocity profile and shape parameter) for adiabatic two-dimensional compressible turbulent boundary layers at zero pressure gradient. The transformed law of the wall, law of the lake, the van Driest model for the complete inner region and a correlation between...
book 1997