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McIvor, A.L. (author), Spencer, T. (author), Möller, I. (author), Spalding, M. (author)
Storm surges occur when high winds and low atmospheric pressure raise water levels at the coast, causing sea water to surge onto the land. They are a major threat to low-lying coastal areas and their inhabitants. The largest storm surges are caused by tropical cyclones (also called hurricanes and typhoons in different regions); peak water levels...
report 2012
Van Ledden, M. (author), Lansen, A.J. (author), De Ridder, H.A.J. (author), Edge, B. (author)
This paper reports a reconnaissance level study of a storm surge barrier in the Mississippi River. Historical hurricanes have shown storm surge of several meters along the Mississippi River levees up to and upstream of New Orleans. Future changes due to sea level rise and subsidence will further increase the risk of flooding due to hurricane...
conference paper 2012