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Maeda, Haruka (author)
The final conception of my music marvel is to create a binary musical community center with auditorium and rooms for music therapy/school purposes but also creating a space for urban “flaneur” the wanderer of the city that can visit accidently and still have memorable experiences through seasonal exhibitions and pop up shows. The space will be...
master thesis 2022
Tang, Mengzhe (author)
The graduation project begins with understanding small, mundane urban scenes as scenographic settings to construct an Other world, by means of both framing and associations. Further through narratives, drawings and models, these scenographic settings are translated into architectural elements with surreal qualities, as a design methodology. The...
master thesis 2018
Tamasan, B.M. (author)
The challenge of my graduation project was to develop a design method which emphasizes this statement, one that derives from logical decisions, into one that relies on a creative process, free of conscious control. The drive of my design process was triggered by the theoretical research around the fascination of the unconscious as a design tool.
master thesis 2014