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Ribberink, J.S. (author)
It is the aim of this note to give a simple introduction to the method as used by Galappatti (1983) to derive a depth-integrated model for suspended transport. Contrary to other depth-integrated models (see e.g. Latteux and Teisson, 1985) this model is directly based on the 2D convection-diffusion equation (see e.g. de Vries, 1981) including the...
report 1986
Galappatti, R. (author)
A new depth averaged model for suspended sediment transport in open channels has been developed based on an asymptotic solution to the two dimensional convection-diffusion equation in the vertical plane. The solution for the depth averaged concentration is derived from the bed boundary condition and the computation of transport rate and...
report 1983
Postma, H. (author)
In this paper an attempt has been made to describe for the Dutch Wadden Sea water movement, transport of suspended matter and the cycle of suspended organic matter. Stress has been laid on the fact that these are related subjects, which therefore ought to be studied in combination. The discussion was based on observations made in the years 1949...
report 1954