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van Zwieten, G.J. (author)
A vital component in the management of seismic hazard is the study of past seismic events. Classically, this has been the domain of seismology, which studies the dynamic manifestations of the event to infer properties such as epicenter and moment magnitude. More recently it has become possible to perform similar analyses on the basis of the...
doctoral thesis 2023
Milillo, Pietro (author), Giardina, Giorgia (author), Perissin, Daniele (author), Milillo, Giovanni (author), Coletta, Alessandro (author), Terranova, Carlo (author)
We would like to thank our colleagues for their comment, as we believe that this discussion further highlights the importance of innovative research in the emerging field of InSAR applications to civil engineering structures. We discuss the statement from Lanari et al. (2020): “Our analysis shows that, although both the SBAS and the TomoSAR...
journal article 2020
Qin, Xiaoqiong (author), Zhang, Lu (author), Yang, M. (author), Luo, Heng (author), Liao, Mingsheng (author), Ding, Xiaoli (author)
Arch bridges are important transportation infrastructures widely distributed in China, but they are prone to structural defects due to aging without routine inspection and maintenance. Therefore, Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of these bridges is urgently needed by civil engineers to effectively reduce the risk of bridge damage or...
journal article 2018