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Muntenaar, Laura (author)
Demand for smart, Internet-connected devices and other electronics has increased dramatically in recent years. This increase in demand for technological devices, driven by advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and autonomous systems, has exposed the digital system to potential security threats. As more...
master thesis 2023
Ahmadi Mehr, S.A.R. (author), Tohidian, M. (author), Staszeski, R.B. (author)
In modern RF system on chips (SoCs), the digital content consumes up to 85% of the IC chip area. The recent push to integrate multiple RF-SoC cores is met with heavy resistance by the remaining RF/analog circuitry, which creates numerous strong aggressors and weak victims leading to RF performance degradation. A key such mechanism is injection...
journal article 2015
Eliezer, O. (author), Staszewski, R.B. (author)
Digital RF solutions have been shown to be advantageous in various design aspects, such as accurate modeling, design reuse, and scaling when migrating to the next CMOS process node. Consequently, the majority of new low-cost and feature cell phones are now based on this approach. However, another equally important aspect of this approach to...
journal article 2011