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Fernandes, Rosnelo (author)
The use of robotic systems to perform MIS was given a boost in 2000, when Da Vinci Surgical system was granted FDA approval. Senhance surgical system by Transenterix, was the newest surgical system to be granted FDA approval in Oct 2017. The use of these systems is limited to high income countries due to its high costs and specialised components...
master thesis 2018
Ho, V. (author)
Due to the increasing complexity of controlling Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), researchers have been trying to let automation take part of the UAV control in order to eliminate human error and reduce the workload of the operator. Such a system has been developed for UAV teleoperators which incorporates haptic feedback on the control stick...
master thesis 2016
Boessenkool, H. (author)
An tele-operation, haptic feedback from the remote environment to the human is often limited, which has been shown to negatively influence the performance and required time of tasks. The conventional research focus is on improving the quality of the haptic feedback (transparency), which may have led to significant improvement, but is still...
master thesis 2011