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Cemellini, Barbara (author), van Opstal, Willem (author), Wang, Cheng-Kai (author), Xenakis, Dimitris (author)
We are now gradually entering the era of big data - maybe a bit too much of a buzzword, but it is not lied. Technology is evolving fast, enabling faster and more efficient data acquisition, storage, retrieval and processing. Point cloud datasets are such a type which relies on large files and lots of processing power. The rather fast evolutions...
student report 2017
de Vuijst, E. (author), van Ham, M. (author), Kleinhans, R.J. (author)
Many theories on so-called neighbourhood effects – effects of the residential context on individual outcomes such as employment, education, and health – implicitly, or explicitly suggest lagged effects, duration effects, or for example, intergenerational effects of neighbourhoods. However, these temporal dimensions of neighbourhood effects...
working paper 2016
Ghawana, T. (author), Hespanha, J.P. (author), Zevenbergen, J.A. (author), Van Oosterom, P.J.M. (author)
Although the use of land and water is intertwined, specifics for groundwater management are not effectively dealt with in the laws and other institutional mechanisms related to land. Provisions for groundwater aspects in land management are there, but with a focus on the land itself. Land rights and restrictions are more or less static, lacking...
conference paper 2010