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Lee, Minu (author), Mata-Falcón, Jaime (author), Popescu, M.A. (author), Kaufmann, Walter (author)
Thin-walled textile-reinforced concrete beams have recently emerged as a promising approach for material-efficient design. However, the increased complexity of the formwork is a major challenge in implementing such elements for broader use in the construction industry. This study presents a novel type of stay-in-place flexible formworks with...
journal article 2023
Woodington, W. (author), Bergsma, O.K. (author), Schipper, H.R. (author)
A composite textile reinforced concrete (TRC) material is developed to overcome the difficulties of constructing double-curved freeform structures. This is possible by shear-deformation of the woven reinforcement. It affects the direction of reinforcement and thickness, resulting in variable orthotropic properties over the surface. The research...
conference paper 2015