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Jiang, Bo (author), Ghaderi, M. (author), Bossche, A. (author), Visser, Jaco H. (author), Wolfenbuttel, R.F. (author)
Thermal impedance spectroscopy has been investigated as a non-destructive technique to determine the composition of ternary mixtures of biofuels. The principle of the thermal conductivity detector has been extended for measuring both the thermal conductivity and the thermal capacity of biofuel in the range between 1 to 100 Hz, using an AC...
conference paper 2017
Abarca, A.N. (author)
In this work, a novel approach is presented for in-line flow compensation using a dual-Thermal conductivity detector (TCD). TCDs demonstrate a flow dependence and require a calibration at a fixed flow rate. The dual-TCD is composed of two thin-film sensors on membranes in parallel on the same chip. Both are laterally identical, but with a...
master thesis 2015
De Graaf, G. (author), Bakker, F. (author), Wolffenbuttel, R.F. (author)
The gas sensor research presented here has a focus on the measurement of the composition of natural gas and gases from sustainable resources, such as biogas. For efficient and safe combustion, new sensor systems need to be developed to measure the composition of these new gases. In general about 6 gas components need to be measured to determine...
journal article 2011