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Han, Weiwei (author), Chen, Huisu (author), Zhang, Tao (author)
Magnesium ammonium phosphate cement (MAPC) has been commonly applied in civil engineering. However, the analysis of hydration behavior and composition of solid assemblages still needs further exploration. From thermodynamic simulation, it is shown that the molar ratio between MgO and NH4H2PO4 (M/P ratio) determines the final composition of...
conference paper 2021
Schrama, F.N.H. (author), Beunder, Elisabeth M. (author), Emami, Ali (author), Barnes, Chris M. (author), van Boggelen, Johan W.K. (author), Sietsma, J. (author), Boom, R. (author), Yang, Y. (author)
The HIsarna process is one of the emerging low-CO<sub>2</sub> ironmaking processes that could help the steel industry in achieving their carbon footprint goals. HIsarna hot metal contains 3–4 times more sulfur than hot metal from blast furnaces (BFs). Therefore, a literature study, a thermodynamic analysis, and plant data analysis from Tata...
journal article 2021
Ruiz-Agudo, E. (author), Lubelli, B. (author), Sawdy, A. (author), Van Hees, R. (author), Price, C. (author), Rodriguez-Navarro, C. (author)
San Jeronimo Monastery (Granada, Spain) was selected as a case study for the investigation of the effect of indoor environmental conditions on salt weathering and for on-site testing of a remediation treatment using crystallization inhibitors on account of the extreme salt damage affecting both the building stone, a biomicritic limestone,...
journal article 2010