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Gupta, D.K. (author), Barink, Marco (author), Langelaar, M. (author)
Concentrated photovoltaics (CPV) has recently gained popularity due to its ability to deliver significantly more power at relatively lower absorber material costs. In CPVs, lenses and mirrors are used to concentrate illumination over a small solar cell, thereby increasing the incident light by several folds. This leads to non-uniform...
journal article 2018
Gupta, D.K. (author), Langelaar, M. (author), Barink, M (author), van Keulen, A. (author)
Free-form solar cells are cells of unconventional shapes (e.g. hexagonal, leaf-shaped etc). Their flexible shape adds to the aesthetics of the surroundings as well as allows to place them over objects where conventional solar cells might not fit. Evidently, these cells need to be efficient as well, and one of the important factors that...
journal article 2016