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Scaramuzzino, Paolo Francesco (author)
This research aims to advance the state-of-the-art requirements for helicopter pilot training in flight simulators contributing to the rotorcraft safety enhancement framework. It has been conducted as part of the Marie Sk\l odowska-Curie European Joint Doctorate NITROS (Network for Innovative Training on Rotorcraft Safety).<br/><br/>Training has...
doctoral thesis 2022
van Lierop, Bas (author)
With the introduction of the BS115, an ultra-light two-seater general aviation aircraft, a new opportunity for military pilot training is presented. To increase the training potential of this aircraft, the training effectiveness has been investigated. Previous research on training effectiveness assessment has failed to address the influence of...
master thesis 2017
Pool, D.M. (author), Zaal, P.M.T. (author)
This paper presents a cybernetic approach to assess the training of manual control skills in simulators. The approach uses multi-channel pilot models that separate pilots’ responses to visual and motion stimuli. This allows for a quantitative analysis of pilots’ use of visual and motion cues for manual aircraft control, as well as the evolution...
journal article 2016