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de Ridder, K.M. (author)
Convex guidance is a developing guidance algorithm that seeks to unify the trajectory optimisation for pin-point landings. The unification would mean the elimination of the need of different optimisation techniques for different stages of the landing. Using convex optimisation, convex guidance is guaranteed to find the global-optimum of the design...
master thesis 2016
Antignac, L. (author)
Unperturbed observation of deep space radio waves is impossible to achieve from Earth but could be managed if the instruments were positioned in a place shielded from Earth, such as the far side of the Moon or the Shackleton crater, situated at its South Pole. In order to keep the costs of such a mission as low as possible, the VEGA launcher...
master thesis 2015
Pagano, A. (author)
In the past few years, a new spirit for the exploration of the Solar System spread among the space community and reaching the Moon has been set as the first step of this new program. In this frame, going back to the Moon is needed to familiarize with a new way of living in a different environment, adapting to it and testing new technology. It is...
master thesis 2010