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Vergaaij, Merel (author)
Recent studies have shown the feasibility of (quasi-)pole-sitter orbits at Mars and Venus, which involves a satellite positioned along or near the polar axis of a planet in order to have a continuous, hemispherical view of the planet's polar regions. In order to further demonstrate the feasibility of this mission concept, this thesis...
master thesis 2018
Geijselaers, L.H. (author)
With the growth of the air traffic movements and the population of people living around airports, the number of awakenings due to aircraft noise has increased. ICAO has defined four research fields to reduce noise and one of them is implementation of noise abatement operational procedures. This includes different trajectory optimization methods,...
master thesis 2017
Oldenhuis, R.P.S. (author)
In November 2003 the Voyager 1 spacecraft pierced through the Solar system’s termination shock, followed by Voyager 2 in August 2007. These events marked the beginning of interstellar exploration by spacecraft, which caused a wave of renewed interest in the outer heliosphere throughout the scienti?c community. This thesis research investigated...
master thesis 2010