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Agarwal, Gayatri (author)
MRI machine has evolved tremendously over the years from its inception in order to render high-quality 3D images, best among its companion imaging systems. Of the whole system, RF receiver is the most crucial for its noise performance, which is expected to provide high SNR at all operating conditions. At Philips, MRI’s RF receiver is based on...
master thesis 2020
Liu, Q. (author)
master thesis 2015
Agostinho, P.R. (author), Haddad, S.A.P. (author), De Lima, J.A. (author), Serdijn, W.A. (author)
Two compact ultra low-power CMOS triode transconductor topologies denoted VLPT-g(m) and Delta-g(m) are proposed. In both circuits, input transistors are kept in the triode region to benefit from the lowest g(m)/I-D ratio. This allows achieving a small-signal transconductance g(m) down to hundreds of pA/V, making such transconductors attractive...
journal article 2008