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Lai, F. (author), Shiau, Jim (author), Keawsawasvong, Suraparb (author), Chen, Fuquan (author), Banyong, Rungkhun (author), Seehavong, Sorawit (author)
This study presents a hybrid framework to predict stability solutions of buried structures under active trapdoor conditions in natural clays with anisotropy and heterogeneity by combining physics-based and data-driven modeling. Finite-element limit analysis (FELA) with a newly developed anisotropic undrained shear (AUS) failure criterion is...
journal article 2023
Bulină, Malina (author)
Data outsourcing has become one of the primary means for preserving information as it passes the responsibility of storage management to the service provider. However, storing sensitive data remotely poses privacy threats for the data owners. Searchable encryption (SE) is a technique that allows performing search queries over encrypted data. The...
bachelor thesis 2022
Rui, Rui (author), van Tol, A.F. (author), Xia, YY (author), van Eekelen, SJM (author), Hu, G (author)
A trapdoor system has frequently been used to study soil arching and its development in recent years. The load transfer in the fill of piled embankments is very similar to a trapdoor system with multiple trapdoors. There are multiple arching models described in different standards and guidelines for piled embankments that can be subdivided into...
journal article 2016