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Van der Veen, E.S. (author)
Previous work showed that in the pull-based development model integrators face challenges with regard to prioritizing work in the face of multiple concurrent pull requests. We identified the manual prioritization heuristics applied by integrators and extracted features from these heuristics. The features are used to train a machine learning...
master thesis 2015
Van Deventer, R. (author)
The Rotterdam Ophthalmic institute is developing a self-triage instrument - named the ISET - for the Rotterdam Eye Hospital (OZR). During development it became clear that the software was functional but the usability of the and the appearance of the device needed more attention This project’s aim was to improve usability for both patients and...
master thesis 2014
Krikke, M.M. (author)
In software engineering, resources such as time, money and developers, are limited. Often when bugs are found in the software developed, bug triaging is used to prioritise bug reports and allocate resources to it. When the number of bugs is considerable, this will require a vast amount of time and effort. The goal of this research is to...
master thesis 2012