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Graes, Fabian (author)
This thesis investigates the impact of truck electrification systems on CO2 emissions and financial aspects in mining. Through comprehensive simulations, the study analyses diesel-electric trucks with trolley assist as well as battery-electric variants with trolley assist and stationary charging. The research findings reveal a noteworthy decline...
master thesis 2023
Kox, Marlotte (author)
Trolley assist is a system in which haul trucks in open pit mines are propelled by electric energy along a designated haul road segment. This can lead to high savings on fuel costs, productivity, CO2 emission and engine life, but is associated with limitations on mine planning. The purpose of this thesis is to determine how trolley assist can be...
master thesis 2017
Markesteijn, M. (author)
This thesis evaluates the impact of various haulage systems on the desired production objectives, energy costs, and fuel emissions. The transportation of ore and waste to the dumps could be either done by conventional trucks or by a truck trolley system. The economic analysis for stage S3 shows that the truck trolley system can increase the CPV...
master thesis 2016