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Hosseini, A. (author), Hage, Johannes (author), Meijer, Koen (author), Offerman, S.E. (author), Yang, Y. (author)
In this paper a CFD analysis of HIsarna off-gas system for post combustion of CO-H2-carbon particle mixture is presented to evaluate the effect of different sub-models and parameters on the accuracy of predictions and simulation time. The effects of different mesh type, mesh grid size, radiation models, turbulent models, kinetic mechanism,...
journal article 2023
Ren, Mengmeng (author), Wang, Shuzhong (author), Romero-Anton, N. (author), Zhao, Junxue (author), Zou, Chong (author), Roekaerts, D.J.E.M. (author)
Eddy dissipation concept (EDC) model and flamelet generated manifolds (FGM) model are developed separately to study the temperature profiles and extinction limits of non-premixed hydrothermal flames. Predictions by the two models are evaluated comparatively by experimental data in literatures. FGM model shows relatively better prediction of...
journal article 2021
Bao, H. (author)
Moderate and Intense Low-oxygen Dilution (MILD) combustion is established to achieve high thermal efficiency and low pollutant emissions, including both NOx and soot. The Eddy Dissipation Concept (EDC) is the most widely used combustion model in the existing numerical studies of turbulent MILD combustion. It is easy to implement and has...
master thesis 2017