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Yildiz, Ferhan (author)
This research paper implements, evaluates, and compares two approaches, a machine learning (ML) approach and a rule-based approach, aimed to estimate intentions to speak. The ML approach trains lexical information extracted from time windows surrounding speech events. The rule-based approach looks for specific keywords or utterances to identify...
bachelor thesis 2023
Laxminarayanan Raj Prabhu, N. (author)
Social interactions in general are multifaceted and there exists an wide set of factors and events that influence them. Hence, interactions as a social phenomena have been studied by researchers in the fields of psychology and social signal processing from different stand points. The common trend in literature is to perform an in-depth study on...
master thesis 2020
Festen, David (author)
In order to be accepted by negotiating parties, negotiation protocols need to be fair and unbiased. We extend the bilateral turn-taking negotiation protocol to multiparty multilateral turn-taking peer negotiation protocols maintaining its fairness properties. We define the de- sign space of such protocols and capture the design decisions that go...
master thesis 2018